Best practices

Send a Paage after a cold call

Elevate your post-cold call follow-up strategy by sending a Paage.

Why send a Paage?

An email follow up after a cold call is great, but attach a Paage so you can

  • Combine all your content into a single link for easy sharing.
  • Provide buyers with one link where they can watch videos, view images, and schedule a meeting.
  • Track the duration of time buyers spend on your Paage to assess their level of interest.
after cold call email

Two ways to follow up

Option 1: Send a personalized Paage

  • Include a product demo tailored to their business or industry
  • Address their specific pain points and how your product/service can solve them
  • Add relevant social proof, such as customer testimonials or case studies
  • Customize the call-to-action to be specific to their needs, such as scheduling a demo or setting up a free trial

Option 2: Send a generic Paage (Fastest)

  • Start with a greeting and thank them for taking the time to speak with you
  • Remind them of the benefits of your product/service and how it can help their business
  • Include a brief overview of your product/service and how it works
  • Add a clear call-to-action, such as scheduling a demo or following up via email

How to personalize a generic Paage

To personalize a Paage and use it multiple times, implement the {{name}} and {{company}} variable into your Paage.

When creating a new link, provide these values which will appear on the Paage.

This allows you to personalize Paage for each recipient.

1. Add variables

personalization variables

2. Provide a name/company

get link

3. Boom!

show personalization

4. Paage will also find a high quality, square logo for you. If a logo is not found, no logo will be displayed.

personalization logo

Adding Paage to your email

Keep the email short and to the point. Use the Paage link as a CTA. Remember to follow up in a few days if you don't hear back.

Track if your prospect opens and spends time on your Paage to gauge their interest.

👍 If they spend > 20 seconds on your Paage, it's a strong indicator of their interest.

👎 If they don't open your Paage, they may not be as interested as you thought.

after cold call email

Install the chrome extension

This way, you can easily attach a Paage to your email right from Gmail/LinkedIn

chrome extension email
LinkedIn prospecting