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Add a Paage link to your email signature

Provide each recipient with a one-page overview of your product, and make it easy for them to book time with you.

email signature

Don't land in spam

If you work in sales, there's a high likelihood your emails will get forwarded.

However, if the person your email was forwarded to doesn't have context around who you are or what your product does, they might be confused.

One common solution is to include several links in your email signature, such as a link to your website or calendar.

Unfortunately, Gmail doesn't like emails that contain more than one link, as this can come across as spammy behavior.

Instead, wrap all your sales material into a page and add that to your email signature. This will improve the forwardability of your emails and help ensure your message is clear.

What to include in your Paage?

If you work in sales, keep this link at a high level.

Here is a general outline to follow:

  • Describe your product
  • Explain the problems it solves
  • Provide a video demo to show how your product works
  • Identify your target customers
  • Embed your calendar for scheduling

Don’t use personalized variables

Because this is a generic link, variables in your Paage like {{name}} and {{company}} will come up as empty. Be sure to not include any variables in your Paage.

Simply copy the link from the URL bar that you see while editing your Paage.

Add this link into your email signature.

generic link

Tracking will be anonymous

Since this is a non-personalized link, Paage cannot determine who is viewing it.

In your activity feed, all engagement related to this Paage will appear as "Anonymous".

anonymous view

If you choose to make this a personalized link, simply add their name and company domain at the end of the Paage URL.

email signature personalized
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