Core concepts

How to personalize your Paage

Easily personalize your Paage with your buyers name, company name, and logo.

Personalize with variables

Much like using variables in your email tool, you can also utilize variables in your Paage.

Currently, Paage supports the following variables:

  • {{name}}
  • {{company}}
personalization variables

You can use these variables throughout your Paage, including in the:

  • Title
  • Body
  • "Next steps" label
  • "Next steps" buttons
  • Any field within a button
personalize next steps fields

The values you provide in the section below will correspond to the variables you include in your Paage.

get link

Let's say we make a Paage, and we want to send it to Mark at

Here is how the link will look:

Since a Paage can be reused, you can create a new link for someone else, like Gavin at

In this case, both Mark and Gavin will receive a personalized version of the same Paage.

As you can see, all we changed were the name & company in the URL to personalize the Paage.

Paage will automatically find the company logo for your recipients based on the value you provide in the company name field when creating a link.

If an image is not found, a logo will not be displayed.

personalization logo