Best practices

Using Paage in prospecting

Master the art of prospecting with Paage and supercharge your outreach with personalized mini landing pages.

Why use Paage in prospecting?

Create a mini landing page for your buyer, rather than a boring 8 step email sequence.

  • Helps improve email deliverability, by combining all the necessary links into one, which is preferred by Gmail.
  • Grabs buyer attention with a personalized thumbnail, making you stand out among every other sales rep.
  • Shortens emails by allowing you to focus on the problem statement and pitch your solution in the Paage.
  • Improves buyer experience by allowing them to easily see the product and its benefits, as well as book a call or watch a demo directly from the Paage.

How to structure your Paage

When you create a New Paage, click on the Prospecting template.

Use the suggested structure for adding your own content.


How to structure your cold email

Focus your cold email on the problems your product solves and save the full pitch for your Paage.

Use the following template for your cold email

  • Why are you reaching out to me?
  • What problem can you help me solve?
  • What is your solution?
  • Who else have you helped?
  • [link to your Paage]

By wrapping your pitch in a Paage, you can provide more context if buyers are interested, and easily track how long they spend evaluating your solution to gauge their interest level.

How to add Paage your email sequence

Add Paage to your email sequence to send each recipient a personalized thumbnail and personalized link.

Paage takes care of generating both of these automatically for you!

Click Get link > Add to sequence > and select your email platform


Then, copy and paste the code directly into your email tool.

email sequence example

When you paste this code into your email sequence, Paage will generate a custom thumbnail and link for each recipient.

You'll then be able to track how prospects engage with it.

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