Pro tips

Paage keyboard shortcuts

Master shortcuts to move through Paage with speed

Familiarizing oneself with these shortcuts, particularly the core ones, can lead to a significant increase in speed and productivity with Paage.

Key shortcuts

  • cmd z To undo text
  • cmd y To redo text
  • cmd b To bold text
  • cmd i To italicize text
  • cmd h To turn into a heading

Love using ChatGPT? It’s baked into Paage!

  • cmd j To show ChatGPT

There are two ways of linking text

Option 1

  1. First copy the link from your browser.
  2. Then select the text in Paage you want to link.
  3. Paste over the text, and it'll be hyperlinked.

Option 2

  1. Highlight any text
  2. Click “Link”
  3. Paste your link into the input modal
hyperlink text
Link Paages together